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A Message About the Coronavirus

Dear Gluten-Free Community,

This has been an unusual time in our country.  We are currently open for takeout and we are shipping a selection of our baked goods.

In addition to the protocols we are following for keeping our food safe in the midst of the outbreak, we have also implemented these precautions in our bakery:

Screening - We screen all employees at the door before they start their shift.    We do a temperature check to make sure no one is working with a fever.  And we screen for symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath plus known contact with anyone who is sick with COVID-19.   

Social Distancing - We have instructed employees to practice social distancing so that they maintain a safe distance from other employees.  We only permit 2 people at our work tables and 3 people at our break table at a time so that people can maintain the proper safe distance.  We are encouraging employees to take their breaks in the sun on sunny days.  And we do the best we can to manage that social distancing is happening to the best of our ability.

Sanitation - Sanitation is of the upmost importance.  It always is in the food industry, but now we are taking extra measures to sanitize surfaces like door handles, freezer/cooler handles, bathrooms, break tables, POS screens and oven handles each shift.  We also decontaminate the bakery twice a day with a food-safe, FDA approved virucide.

Face Masks - Everyone at Mariposa wears a face mask to cover their nose and mouth.    

Fan Installation - We have installed more fans for air flow in our bakery.  Our ceilings are 18' tall and with enough air flow, we hope we can keep our air safe.

We are here for you ... thank you for being here for us.  Wishing you the best of health throughout this challenging time.

- Patti & Mariposa