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"I was duly impressed by Mariposa's craftsmanship and artistry in their delivery of beautiful and delicious gluten-free baked goods." - eatingoutwithout.com

 "Mariposa is the Bay Area’s go-to source for all things gluten-free, both savory and sweet....Mariposa has found a way to make pretty much all of the greatest gluten-rich hits safe for celiacs, from bagels with cream cheese to quiches, focaccia, pretzels, even turkey sandwiches on gluten-free “rye.” Brownies, biscotti, pie, cakes, cookies, muffins and doughnuts are all available for dessert." - foodandwine.com 

Mariposa Baking Co. "is one of the best places to get a bagel in the East Bay" - kqed.org

"The bakers at this little bakery are baking their hearts out for their gluten-free clientele and it makes me so happy to see what a huge success they’ve become..... It can’t get much better than this warm, comfortable place with safe food where gluten-free folks can come and relax with their family and enjoy a delicious lunch just like any other family on a Saturday afternoon." - bookofyum.com

"I was thrilled to see all the fabulous items they are selling; Biscotti, brownies, muffins, breads, bagels, sandwiches and more." - goneglutenfree.com

"With a wide variety of baked goods ranging from bagels and baguettes to apple tarts and donuts, Mariposa has every single craving covered." - gfinsf.com

"And then, then I saw Mariposa. I bought a few goodies, including a cinnamon roll for now, a muffin for tomorrow, a pizza for lunch, and another cinnamon roll because I love them. The Angels sang. It was a beautiful moment biting in to that cinnamon roll." - whatthegf.com

"The company takes pride in its artisan-crafted goodies that are mixed and formed by hand in small batches to ensure the highest quality." - getallergywise.com

"If you are gluten-free, I highly recommend stopping my Mariposa Bakery. So much to love!" - iamthelab.com

"I left impressed and in awe of all the wonderful goodies and I wish that I lived in San Francisco so I could enjoy the freshly baked goods on a weekly basis." - glutenfreeonlineadvice.com

"Crane opened in her current headquarters in Oakland’s Temescal district in 2007 and has ridden a wave of sky-rocketing awareness of and interest in gluten-free products over the last few years." - insidescoopsf.com