"We got our bread today. You would have thought a million dollars was in that box we were all cheering so loud. The best gluten free bread on this planet." 
- Suze Orman

"Great product and great service!"
- Joan S.

"I recently visited your San Francisco shop and it was so magical! Having a gluten intolerance has been rough for me as my favorite food is definitely bread. I definitely have not found any gluten free products that are praise worthy that is other than your products. I found myself dreaming about tasty gluten free bread after sampling your ham and cheese pocket. It was so amazing that I visited again the very next day!"
- Katherine H.

"I just received my order for gluten free pizza crust, croissants, pain au chocolat and cinnamon rolls. Your baked goods are delicious! Thank you so much for providing such delicious gluten free baked goods to the public and shipping them all over the country"
- Sylvie

"We recently traveled to the States, from Cape Town South Africa. I came across your store at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, and couldn't help myself...I bought 12 pastries on one day! I have celiac disease, and have been gluten-free for 7 years...and your pastries are the first I have had in 7 years, and they were unbelievably good, soft, yummy... Thank you so very much for this outstanding baking!"
- Janet L

"Thank you so much for the great customer service. I placed my order a few days ago and your tasty treats arrived here in Vacaville today. The chocolate croissant is so fresh and yummy. I can't wait to open the cookies. Each pack is wrapped in bubble wrap. I have not experienced this level of thoughtfulness from other gf companies. Thanks again for caring about your customers!"
- Frances D

"I'm delighted to tell you -- we love your products! Everyone is very impressed with the quality of the chocolate in the brownies and I love the crunch of the biscotti! Send us a case of everything..."
- Margaret Fox - Culinary Director of Harvest Market, Fort Bragg, CA; former owner of Mendocino's Cafe Beaujolais; author of Café Beaujolais               cookbooks -- "Morning Food" and "Cafe Beaujolais"

"I am gluten intolerant and have never come across product like this. I am just overwhelmed by how delicious and *real* Mariposa biscotti and brownies are! They really rock!"
- Elaine Taylor - President of The Taylor Family Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of children suffering             from life-threatening illnesses and disabilities.

"I wanted to tell you how fantastic your products are. As any Celiac will confirm, there are not enough products of the caliber you produce in the market today. We'll be back to order more -- once we tear through the package we received today."
- Craig Dooley

"Your brownies are awesome!!! This wheat free home is so happy to have found such a great dessert!"
- Bonnie Day

"I just received my brownies today ~ I bought the half dozen gift set. I did not want to get my hopes up, as I have been disappointed in the past by companies who claim their gluten-free products taste wonderful. But, one bite of your mocha truffle brownie just sent me to heaven and back! I can't wait to try the others. I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Michele Ardolino

"OH MY GOODNESS! The brownies are absolutely outrageous! You have no idea how happy you have made my 15 year old son! You can imagine how hard it is for a teenager to avoid Gluten. But getting to eat brownies and biscotti that taste so fantastic! It really brings some normalcy back to our life. You are a blessing!"
- L Spicer

"I hate you ... that brownie was the best tasting thing I've had in weeks. Thanks so much. I'm impressed on how good it is."
- Julie Burnet (wheat-tolerant gourmet)

"I am a recently-diagnosed celiac and a friend sent me your biscotti. They are, hands-down, the best gluten free baked good I've tasted. Better than regular biscotti, actually."
- Florence Gardner

"Love It! I found your biscotti in Great Neck, New York. I was first diagnosed with celiac in 1951. And I have tried more horrible gluten free food then one can image. I am usually looking for tolerable but yours was wonderful especially anise. Just love it with a cup of coffee. Thank you! Your product has given me a lot of pleasure."
- Mary

"I read your story about Mariposa. I was diagnosed w/ celiac disease 18 years ago. There was absolutely no palatable gluten free baked good products then. Although there have been improvements, discovering your bakery is my new find!! I recently discovered your raisin biscotti in Chicago. Yum!."
- Jackie B.

"If I had one day left to live, your brownies would make my last-meal list...yes, they are THAT good."
- Stefani R.

"I just had to write and tell you that I received my first shipment from you yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful!! When I ate one of your bagels I thought I might cry with joy!! The coconut lemon squares are exquisite! I can't wait to try the other items I ordered. You are wonderful!!!!"
- Linda S.

"We just received our first order of your delightful biscotti and they are just heavenly! My husband cannot have any gluten products and has missed having good biscotti with his morning coffee, but now he says his morning routine is back to normal.

after second order ...
Okay, we didn't think you could top the biscotti but then we received our latest order with the WONDERFULLY delicious brownies...oh my word! Brownies this good must be illegal! Whatever you're doing, don't stop and don't change it."
- Elizabeth L.