hamentashen - 2pk

hamentashen - 2pk

dairy-free, gluten-free


  • This triangular pocket-filled cookie is a traditional Purim confection. Made by Hanna of Kapcakes, these seasonal treats come in either apricot, chocolate or poppyseed varieties.
  • Ingredients: Brown rice flour, Earth Balance, organic sugar, potato starch, eggs, almond meal, vanilla extract, gf baking powder, xantan gum, baking soda, salt.
    Poppy Seed Filling: Corn syrup, poppy seed, sugar, water, corn starch and citric acid.
    Apricot Filling: Org. dried apricots (sulfur-free) and apricot preserve (corn syrup, sugar, natural fruit pectin, citric acid.
    Chocolate Filling: Cocoa powder, organic sugar, mini chocolate chips (dairy-free).
    Allergens: Contains egg, nuts and soy.

  • Shelf-Life: Enjoy fresh.

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